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Kiki Milk Launches “World’s First” Organic Vegan Milk for Kids

PlantBaby, a direct-to-consumer nutrition company, announced today it is launching Kiki Milk, the first organic plant-based milk made exclusively for kids. 

Developed with pediatrician Dr. Joel Warsh and nutritionist Vicki Kobliner, RD, the new products offer a clean-label plant-based milk option that is rich in protein and nutritionally complete.

Founded in Hawaii by husband and wife Alex and Lauren Abelin, PlantBaby and Kiki Milk were created after the couple searched unsuccessfully for a healthy non-dairy and non-soy formula for their son. Their research led them to discover the existence of a massive market gap for children’s plant-based milks. The couple started PlantBaby as a nutrition-focused company that would develop organic, plant-based formulas, supplements and beverages designed for children’s health needs. 

Kiki Milk Children Photo Plant-Based
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Transparent ingredients

As the first product launch, Kiki Milk contains ingredients inspired by whole ingredients found in nature: oats, coconuts, blueberries, cacao, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, Aquamin (seaweed), spinach, bananas and coconut sugar. 

Available in Original and Chocolate flavors, the milks are free from soy, gluten, gums, refined sugar, and any artificial flavors. The company also conducts 3rd party testing to ensure the products are glyphosate-free. Kiki Milk comes packaged in lunchbox-friendly, 8 oz shelf-stable cartons colorfully decorated with nature-themed characters.

© Kiki Milk

According to the company, Kiki Milk is one of the only plant-based milks developed in partnership with a pediatrician.

“Based on my experience as an integrative and holistic pediatrician, I know how important it is to incorporate the proper nutrients into a child’s diet in order for them to achieve long-term physical and mental health benefits,” said Dr. Joel Warsh, an Integrative and Holistic Pediatrician. “This is why I decided to join the PlantBaby team, so I can help provide kids with access to the right foods.”

“At PlantBaby, we have identified a major gap, based on our family’s personal experiences, to offer nutritional products that are designed with growing kids in mind,” said Alex and Lauren Abelin, co-founders of PlantBaby. “Our first product Kiki Milk will offer a clean, nutritional plant-based milk, to support the nutritional journey from childhood to adulthood, while developing early habits that are delicious and accessible.”

Ripple Pea Milk for Kids
© Ripple Foods

Robust market for kid’s plant-based milk

Demand for children’s dairy-free milks is strong and growing. In September, alt-dairy company Ripple Milk reported the Ripple Kids product range was the top-selling milk alternative at multiple retailers, including Target and Whole Foods. In March, Else Nutrition, makers of baby and toddler nutrition formulas,  signed a deal to enter thousands of US retail locations amid fervent investor interest. Last week, Else was named “Best Dairy Product Alternative” at the 2021 World Plant-Based Awards in New York City.

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