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Lantmännen Foods Introduces PrOatein, World’s First Oat Protein Concentrate

Oats are riding an unprecedented wave of popularity in recent times thanks to the mass appeal of oat milk. Now, oat-based meat may become the next major trend with the launch of PrOatein, the first concentrated oat protein on the market. 

Developed by Lantmännen Functional Foods, PrOatein is made from non-GMO Swedish oats and can be used to create a wide variety of nutritious plant-based meat, dairy and egg products. As an ingredient, PrOatein is clean-label, made up of 55% oat protein concentrate and rich in essential amino acids.

The product is vegan-friendly and carries a light, familiar “oaty” taste that doesn’t require disguising with additional ingredients, the company states. For plant-based foods that may require more texture and functionality, such as burgers, the oat concentrate blends well with pea protein. 

PrOatein Oat-Based Protein Concentrate
©Lantmassen Functional Foods

Beyond breakfast

Lantmännen says PrOatein enables food producers to combine the positive health image of oats with plant-based protein for value-added meat and dairy alternatives. The advent of PrOatein is well-timed – the number of new products containing oats has nearly tripled in the past decade, according to Mintel data

While PrOatein is a new innovation, other food brands have already discovered the power of oats for reinventing plant-based meat. Finland’s Gold&Green Foods sells Pulled Oats, a dense, meaty superfood made by combining oats with faba beans and peas. The product has quickly gained international success, expanding to Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. 

In 2021, Gold&Green partnered with Taco Bell UK to offer Pulled Oats as a plant-based filling in the chain’s tacos and burritos. 

Taco Bell pulled oats
© Taco Bell

Oats, once the humble staple of porridge and cereal, are fast becoming a plant protein powerhouse. As Lantmännen stated to Food Navigator, “No longer are oats confined to the breakfast table – they can now be used to make the plant-based burger on your dinner plate and the mayonnaise that goes on top of it.”

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