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Lenovo Launches ThinkPad Laptops Featuring Vegan Leather and Recycled Materials

Multinational technology company Lenovo has launched a range of sustainable laptops featuring vegan leather. The ThinkPad Z Series “reflects changing attitudes towards technology, its impact on the environment and the origins of raw components”.

Laptops in the series have a vegan leather cover made from 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate, meaning no new fossil fuels are required to produce it. The body of the laptops features 75% recycled aluminium, while the power adapter is made from 90% post-consumer content. The PCs are also sustainably packaged in recyclable and compostable bamboo and sugarcane.

According to Lenovo, the Z Series features high-performance processors, excellent battery life, and an improved webcam, microphone, and speakers.

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Vegan technology

Lenovo is not the only tech company to have developed a more sustainable laptop — last June, HP unveiled the Elite Folio PC, which has a vegan leather cover and a recycled aluminium chassis. Meanwhile, London-based vegan accessory brand Oliver Co recently launched a vegan leather laptop sleeve, while Taiwanese manufacturer General Silicones has developed soft faux leather especially for tech products like VR headsets and glasses.

“We are immensely proud of our ThinkPad heritage but there is little time to reflect, and we will also strive to delight new customers as well as existing ones. Innovation is in our DNA from design and development to engineering and supply chain,” said Jerry Paradise, vice president of the Global Commercial Product Portfolio at Lenovo PC and Smart Devices.

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