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Leading French Frozen Food Retailer Picard Offers Discount Vegan Xmas Meal With Foie Gras

Picard, the leading frozen food supermarket with over 400 stores across France, has unveiled a vegan foie gras and a 100% plant-based Christmas menu totalling of €12.16 per person.

Délice Végétal (Vegetable Delight) with Cashew Nuts and Mushrooms is Picard’s plant-based alternative to foie gras. Retailing at €5.99 per 220g box, or €27.22/kg, the product is far cheaper than duck foie gras, which costs a minimum of €50 per kilo.

The vegan menu, entitled Noël Veggie (Veggie Christmas), also includes the following products

  • Chestnut and mandarin jelly appetizers
  • Sweet potato gnocchi with butternut squash sauce
  • Pan-fried potato, mushroom, snow pea and chestnut
  • Red fruit, mango, lemon and pear ice cream log

“We present the Délice Végétal which is our vegan version of foie gras. It is an exclusive Picard formulation that we have developed. We have tested several existing recipes that can often imitate a mousse texture, but here we wanted to work with cashew nuts to find the real texture of the foie gras block and also a typical taste enhanced by a note of spices and cognac, in the same way that you would season a foie gras yourself. It is therefore a vegan recipe to celebrate all Christmases and we advise you to serve the product well chilled to preserve its optimal texture,” explains Picard.

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