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Lidl Continues at Forefront of Plant-Based Grocery as it Rolls Out Budget Vegan Range

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German supermarket Lidl has launched a new budget vegan range of 17 plant-based products to UK stores. The plant-based range, called Vemondo, including vegan fish fingers, vegan burgers, and dairy-free ice creams, launched yesterday (Aug 5) with prices starting at 99p. The range is also available in Lidl France as well as Lidl Germany.

The budget range is a positive step for the plant-based movement as consumers can purchase vegan products for low prices with ice creams for £1.99, burgers for £1.49 and fish fingers for £1.99.

In addition to the budget range, Lidl will stock products such as ready meals, vegan gnocchi, tofu, vegan pizza, vegan tortillas, and vegan medaglioni – a medallion shaped pasta stuffed with fillings. The new non-dairy ice cream range features flavours like strawberry, vanilla and caramel, and dark chocolate and almonds.

The Vemondo brand was launched in April with Lidl claiming all the products are ​​climate-neutral by offsetting the CO2 emissions both during production and transport. Lidl initially launched more than 450 items that are marked with the yellow vegan label, but will continue to expand its range in the future and further develop the products in terms of taste, appearance, texture and sustainability.

Earlier this year, the supermarket released 11 plant-based products in Belgium, as well as bringing its own label Next Level Burger into stores across Spain. In July, Lidl pledged to increase sales of healthy and healthier products to at least 85% of total sales by 2025 through its ‘Get Fresh’ initiative. It will aim to add 100 new fresh food products to stores with an ​​additional target to increase the sale of fresh fruit and veg by 35% by 2026.

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