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Little Caesars Becomes Largest National Chain to Offer Plant-Based Pepperoni in the US With Field Roast Launch

Field Roast has teamed up with US restaurant chain Little Caesars to offer a pizza topped with plant-based pepperoni. The partnership represents Field Roast’s largest national restaurant partnership to date, with a retail launch expected to roll onto shelves in North America later this year.

As of today July 12, Little Caesars is launching the Planteroni Pizza, made with Field Roast’s Plant-Based Pepperoni, in hundreds of outlets across the US. Little Caesars becomes the largest pizza chain to offer Field Roast’s Plant-Based Pepperoni in key markets across the country, as the brand claims it is the first pepperoni alternative on the market to be made with pea protein. 

Is It Vegan?

However, despite the inclusion of Field Roast’s Plant-Based Pepperoni, Little Caesars’ Planteroni Pizza is not suitable for vegans, presumably due to the use of dairy cheese. It is currently not clear as to whether the product would be vegan friendly if ordered without cheese.

In a similar but more vegan-friendly move, the Greenleaf Foods owned Field Roast recently struck a deal with Copper Branch, the largest plant-based restaurant chain in the world, to supply its Plant-Based Breakfast Patty at over 40 locations across Canada, USA and Western Europe. 

PLANTERONI Little Caesars / Field Roast
©Little Caesars

“Planteroni™ delivers a plant-based version of the delicious flavor of America’s most popular pizza topping, and you need to taste it to believe it,” commented Jeff Klein, chief marketing officer at Little Caesars. “This product is really going to surprise and delight our customers.”

“This is a huge moment for pizza lovers because for the first time, they have access to a zesty, bold -plant-based pepperoni made with pea protein that absolutely delivers on taste,” added Dan Curtin, President of Greenleaf Foods, owner of the Field Roast brand. “We believe every occasion deserves bold, inspired flavors—we’re excited to work with Little Caesars to deliver on that promise.” 

Little Caesars stores will offer regular Planteroni™ Pizza for $8.49 at locations in the cities and suburbs of Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Portland, OR, and the chain’s hometown of Detroit.

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