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Marks & Spencer Adds Over 100 Vegan Products to Plant Kitchen Range

Multinational retailer Marks & Spencer launched over 100 new vegan products to its Plant Kitchen range this Thursday amongst a huge Veganuary drive taking place internationally. The range now includes a variety of dishes, sandwiches to go, desserts, ready meals, snacks, healthy dinners, and drinks.

Marks and Spencer joins a long line of large retailers adding extensive plantbased products to its own brand ranges, such as Asda, Waitrose and the Co-op. M&S has been steadily increasing its plantbased portfolio to its own brand which has been extremely well received by consumers in the UK.

The new products include: No Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich, ToFish & Chips, and a No Chicken Smokehouse Wrap. In November, the supermarket announced it was making its entire range of wines vegan friendly.

April Preston, Director of Product Development said: “With 1 in 4 M&S customers choosing a more flexitarian diet this is a super exciting trend that’s showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. We’re expecting to see an even bigger leap forward in new products suitable for vegans, with a diversification in plant proteins and experimentation in flavours. Following on from the successful launch of our Plant Kitchen range earlier this year, we’ve turned the heat up and challenged ourselves, focusing particularly on turning well-loved products into plant-based versions and celebrating vegetables in all their forms.”

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