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Modest Mylk Launches an Entirely New Category of Nut Mylk

Modest Mylk, an innovative new nut “mylk” brand, announced today the launch of its product lineup of organic, gluten free, preservative/stabilizer free, and vegan concentrated nut bases. Created with the mission to make nut mylk easier and healthier than ever, Modest Mylk offers a way to make fresh and delicious nut mylk at home. Modest Mylk is made by simply blending together the base of your choice with water for one minute.

The line consists of 6 flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, Cashew, Macadamia, Coco-Nut, and Oat-Nut. Sold individually for $14.99 and packaged in a glass jar that yields 42 8oz. servings, Modest Mylk is 50-80% less expensive than other premium nut mylk options. Along with offering better value to consumers, Modest Mylk is made with sustainability in mind. Since one small jar is equivalent to 11 cartons of traditional nut mylk, each jar saves 11 cartons from the landfill. The line is now available online via the Modest Mylk website, with plans to launch on Amazon very soon, and expand into retail later in the year.

“Making homemade nut mylk can be time consuming, messy, and wasteful. When looking for options in the store, I found myself frustrated by the price, quality, and ingredient lists of non-dairy products. This led me to create our new line of concentrated nut mylk bases,” stated Modest Mylk Founder Rachel Gutierrez, “Modest Mylk is a completely new way of making 100% natural nut mylk at home. Now, you can easily make your own delicious, organic, clean-label, nut mylks at home with zero compromises.”

Each jar of concentrate stays fresh for more than a year when stored in a cool dry place, and each serving of mylk lasts for up to five days in the refrigerator, so you can make however much you need when you need it. Modest Mylk can be enjoyed in coffee/tea, cereal, smoothies, cooking/baking recipes, or straight out of the glass.



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