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More Dairy Producers Going Vegan as Germany’s Naarman Launches Oat-Based Range

Private dairy producer Naarmann, which supplies dairy products to kitchens in the catering, hotel and catering industry in Germany, has launched an oat-based range, in response to rising demand for plant-based and sustainable options. The new plant-based product range “WE ♥ PLANTS” is reportedly created from sustainable raw materials.

The range currently consists of three products:

  • The Oat Drink is a vegan milk alternative and is perfect for use in coffee, for frothing, for cooking or for preparing vegan desserts. The WE ♥ PLANTS Oat Drink is available in the 1 litre Tetra Pak as well as in the 5 litre Bag-in-Box.
  • The Cooking cream, a vegan alternative to kitchen cream, can be used to refine soups and sauces and create vegan dishes. With 15% fat, it provides a creamy consistency and sets well. The WE ♥ PLANTS cooking cream is available in a 1 kg pack.
Sour Creme Naarman
© Naarmann GmbH
  • The Sour cream is the vegan alternative to classic sour cream. With a fat content of 20%, the oat-based cream is particularly creamy. Like the sour cream, the Sour Creme is fermented with (vegan) cultures and thus gets a fine acid note. The WE ♥ PLANTS Sour Creme, available in the 1 kg pack, is ideal as a base for making vegan dips or desserts and much more.

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