• Morningstar Farms Goes Vegan

    The American food producer Morningstar Farms is known for its vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes. Its burger patties and chicken alternatives are particularly popular. Three of these chicken products have now been converted from vegetarian to vegan.

    The brand’s Buffalo Wings, Chik’n Nuggets and Buffalo Chik Patties products are now free of eggs and milk fat, offering an alternative for vegans. The meat is made from wheat protein and non-genetically modified soy protein.

    The changeover makes sense, particularly with regards to the labelling of products. The animal rights organisation Animal Aid recently published the results of a survey on product labelling, which shows that people who follow a plant-based lifestyle are much more likely to buy products that are clearly labelled. According to a report by Mintel analysts, the number of products labelled “vegan” increased by 92% at the beginning of the year.

    Morningstar Farms is also known for an event series in which it attempts to show people how veggie burgers and other plant-based proteins can be prepared on the barbecue.

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