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Myprotein and Perfect Day Launch ‘Whey Forward’ Dairy-Identical Performance Protein Powder

Myprotein, the world’s leading online sports nutrition brand, has partnered with startup Perfect Day to launch Whey Forward – a “no-compromise” performance protein powder made with animal-free dairy.

“Whey Forward exemplifies how animal-free does not mean sacrificing taste, performance, or the future of our planet”

Developed with Perfect Day’s precision fermentation, Whey Forward is a ready-to-mix product that offers the same taste and nutrition as whey found in cow’s milk, but with no lactose and a significantly reduced environmental impact. With 20 grams of protein per serving, Whey Forward also matches the nutritional needs of Impact Whey, Myprotein’s award-winning traditional whey protein powder. Whey Forward is available in three serving sizes and flavors: Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip, Rich Salted Caramel and Decadent Chocolate Brown.

“With Whey Forward, we are removing a barrier to make it even easier for people to find a protein that best suits their performance goals. Pairing Perfect Day’s technology, with our state-of-the-art production and award-winning formula, we are able to maintain the same delicious taste and texture that makes our products leaders in the category,” said Pallav Tamaskar, Managing Director, Myprotein US.

High Performance Whey Forward Protein

Nutrition and more

The partnership is the latest nutrition product collaboration for Perfect Day, which has raised a massive $750M in funding. In December 2021, the startup worked with wellness brand Natreve to launch MOOLESS – an animal-free whey protein powder available in four flavors.

Over the last six months, Perfect Day’s microflora-based whey has also been used to create dairy-identical liquid milk products, such as Bored Cow and Strive Nutrition’s FREEMILK. In June, the startup collaborated with global confections giant Mars Inc. to develop CO2COA – the company’s first animal-free milk chocolate bar.

Mars Perfect Day Chocolate
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“Unmatched nutrition”

“We’re thrilled to combine Myprotein’s leadership in creating innovative products focused on fueling performance with the unmatched nutrition and functionality of our animal-free whey protein. Whey Forward exemplifies how animal-free does not mean sacrificing taste, performance, or the future of our planet,” said Ryan Pandya, co-founder and CEO of Perfect Day.

Whey Forward is available for purchase online on Myprotein’s website

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