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Brazil’s Naturinni Launches Plant-Based Pork Crackling

Brazilian alt-meat brand Naturinni Produtos Plant-Based has developed a new product — plant-based pork crackling. Made with sesame oil, the crackling is also suitable for those eating ketogenic diets.

Naturinni was founded in 2017 by Thiago Zion and Natalia Crespi. The company is best known for its vegan bacon, which is made from hand-smoked starches and has been called the best of its kind on the market. The bacon is available for retail and is also on the menu at several restaurants in the cities of São Paulo, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, and Rio de Janeiro.

Additionally, Naturinni offers soy-free plant-based Provolone Cheese, as well as Vegan Pesto Sauce and Smoked Dry Tomato Antipasto. The company’s expansion and new product launches have largely been made possible by investments it received in 2018 and 2020.

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While Naturinni is currently mostly focused on the Brazilian market, the brand’s bacon was exhibited at three UK events in 2019 — Specialty Food Fair and Just V Show, North Vegan Festival, and Glasgow Vegan Winter Festival.

Plant-based in Brazil

Brazilians traditionally eat a very meat-heavy diet, but things are beginning to change. Figures from last year suggested that 50% of the population had cut down on animal products, and the city of Salvador recently agreed to begin serving ten million plant-based school meals per year.

Meanwhile, newly-launched plant-based equity crowdfunding platform Vegan Business has helped three Brazilian companies raise a combined total of R$1.5 million in the space of just three months.

“Naturinni Plant Based’s mission is to bring innovation with purpose to the market!” said Naturinni on its website. “Our vision is that innovation in the plant-based segment will be the basis of a sustainable planet free from animal suffering. Our values ​​are innovation, purpose, and sustainability in everything we do.”



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