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Nestlé Adds Plant-Based Tuna Alternative to its Garden Gourmet Range

This will be Nestlé’s first venture into the vegan tuna category, a market that is consistently expanding into the mainstream, which took the company 9 months to develop, an efficient feat by modern standards, considering how the creation of plant-based meat and fish alternatives have taken some companies years. The new product, called Vuna, will be part of the brand’s meat-free Garden Gourmet range.

The Swiss conglomerate’s profound expertise and technological prowess in protein science have given it a significant advantage in the development of plant-based meat and fish alternatives, which are developed by Nestlé Research in Switzerland. Its R&D Centers for food, meanwhile, are located in Germany and the United States.

To achieve such efficiency in this line of products, the company’s plant-based alternatives to animal products are  “rapidly prototyped and tested in selected retail outlets, and first commercial batches are produced in Nestlé R&D facilities,” according to Nestlé’s website, where Stefan Palzer, Nestlé Chief Technology Officer, says “sustainably produced plant-based seafood alternatives can help to reduce overfishing and to protect the biodiversity of our oceans. Our plant-based tuna alternative is delicious, nutritious and high in protein, while also being mercury-free. We are excited to launch this great product, and other plant-based fish and shellfish alternatives are already under development.”

Earlier this month, Nestlé distributed a press release to create awareness of its dairy-free options, which are now available in different parts of the globe, and in May it announced the expansion of its plant-based meat line, Sweet Earth Foods.


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