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Nestle Trials ‘Cowabunga’ Animal-Free Beverages Made with Perfect Day Whey

Alt-dairy startup Perfect Day announces that Nestle has begun testing its first animal-free milk product, Cowabunga, in select Safeway stores in San Francisco. Made with Perfect Day’s fermented whey protein, Cowabunga Animal-Free Dairy Beverages is the first product collaboration between the two companies. 

“We’re proud to make a greener future a reality by stocking the shelves with delicious, sustainable products”

Available in Original and Chocolate flavors, each 15 oz serving of Cowabunga contains 14 grams of fat and 250 calories, and is fortified with calcium and Vitamin D. Along with Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, the drinks contain oat concentrate and high oleic sunflower oil. 

Cowbunga, which appears to be a chilled product, is currently being trialed at six Safeway stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Latest liquid milk

Perfect Day and Nestle first revealed a joint collaboration in September, when Nestle – the world’s largest publicly traded food company – announced it would begin exploring the development of animal-free dairy using Perfect Day’s platform. 

At the time, it was revealed the “milk-like” product would provide the same nutritional and functionality benefits as traditional cow’s milk. The launch marks Perfect Day’s fourth co-development of animal-free liquid milk products – previously, the startup worked with Betterland Foods, Tomorrow Farms, and Strive Nutrition to release cow-free dairy beverages. 

Animal-Free Dairy Milk
©Bored Cow/ Tomorrow Farms

New expansion

Recently, the company acquired Indian biotech manufacturer Sterling Biotech to double its production capacity, and received its first regulatory approval from the Indian government to begin selling its products there. Perfect Day has raised $750M in funding. 

“We’re excited to share that Nestle will begin testing its new Cowabunga Animal-Free Dairy Beverages, made with Perfect Day’s sustainable, animal-free whey protein,” Perfect Day posted online. “We’re proud to make a greener future a reality by stocking the shelves with delicious, sustainable products.”

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