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Nestlé’s Plant-Based Foie Gras Alternative, Voie Gras, Returns With a New Recipe

Nestlé has announced the re-release of Voie Gras, its plant-based alternative to foie gras, under its Garden Gourmet brand. Available to consumers in Belgium, Spain, and The Netherlands, the product previously gained popularity during its seasonal launch last year in Spain and Switzerland.

Produced at Nestlé’s R&D centre in Singen, Germany, the recipe has been revamped by product developers and contains miso paste, sea salt, and a soy base, aiming to achieve the authentic texture and flavour of traditional foie gras.

Marjolijn Niggebrugge, European Business Head of Plant-Based Meal Solutions at Nestlé, comments, “Garden Gourmet stands for food where taste feels good. Voie Gras is our testament to offering great-tasting seasonal options that cater to the growing demand for plant-based alternatives, balancing taste with environmental and animal welfare concerns.”

Garden Gourmet Voie Gras Nestle
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The return of Voie Gras is part of Nestlé’s strategic focus on expanding its plant-based portfolio, which includes recent launches such as white fish fillet and nugget alternatives, as well as Vuna, plant-based tuna, available at €6.50 per jar.

Nestlé has also introduced Soya Chunks in Central and West Africa through its Maggi brand to provide consumers with an affordable, high-quality plant-based protein option. Céline Worth, R&D Program Manager for Affordable Nutrition at Nestlé, says, “We’re focused on using more plant-based ingredients as part of our efforts to deliver affordable, nutritious products that contribute to closing the protein gap that exists for many consumers.”

Voie Gras joins an ever-growing market of animal-free foie gras alternatives, with companies like Gourmey in France, Dr. FOODS Inc. in Japan, The Better Meat Co. in the US, and Hello Plant Foods in Spain, each bringing their unique offerings to the table.

Torsten Pohl, Global Head of R&D for Nestlé’s food category, highlights the product’s evolution, “After a successful pilot last year, we’re thrilled to reintroduce Voie Gras with an improved recipe and extended shelf-life, aligning it even closer to its animal-based counterpart. Our ability to scale up production showcases our R&D team’s prowess in innovating and adapting to market demands.”

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