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New Alt Milk Brand Gaia’s Farming Co. Launches With Creamy Hemp & Oat M*lks

Gaia’s Farming Co., backed by seasoned plant-based investors such as Tommy Chiabra, investor in Beyond Meat and co-founder of Neat Burger, announces two alt milk products powered by hemp, asking – is hemp the new CBD?

The early-stage company has harnessed the power of hemp to launch its first two products that are made from a unique blend of hemp and oat milk and has bold plans to shake up the alternative milk market and beyond. The startup enters the booming milk alternative market with two new products, the creamy ‘Hemp & Oat M*lk’ and ‘Hemp & Coco M*lk’ that are now available to buy online.

GAIA hemp & oat

Over the last two years, hemp milk has emerged as one of the top 5 dairy alternatives in the UK. While said to be unusual in taste, hemp milk has a creamy texture and is thicker than other milk alternatives. Additionally, it does not curdle when added to coffee and tea and is an increasingly popular choice for those avoiding nuts and soy.

Health Benefits of Hemp

Hemp, a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hosts an array of incredible health and environmental properties. Most of the fat in hemp seeds is unsaturated essential fatty acids which can improve blood cholesterol levels, stabilise heart rhythms and ease inflammation.

Hemp’s nutritional profile makes it the perfect ingredient for a milk alternative that goes beyond many options currently in the market. Mixing it with oats allows Gaia’s Farming Co. to come into the market with a familiar face for consumers to try.

Hemp &OAT Gaia's Farming

Michael Kyriakou, Founder and CEO of Gaia’s Farming Co. said: “I’ve watched over the years as companies have brought out all sorts of plant-based milk options, but none of them jumped out at me as a sustainable solution to dairy milk for the foreseeable future. Yes, plants are great, but I asked myself why they were not using the most sustainable one. Once I started learning about the multifaceted abilities of hemp, that was it. I knew that hemp was the solution to our milk problem and will go on to become a fundamental component of our strategy in the fight against climate change.”

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