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The New Beyond Stack Burger, “Closer in Taste & Texture to Beef”, Arrives in US Retail

Beyond Meat announces today the expansion of its burger portfolio with latest NPD, the Beyond Stack Burger, a patty described as even closer in taste and texture to beef and designed for single, double, and triple-stacked burgers.

Beyond says the Beyond Stack Burger is described in early reviews as “juicy,” having a “delicate crumble that truly resembles beef burgers,” and being “crispy on the outside, resembling the popular beef smash burgers“, with the launch coming as smash-style burgers continue to grow in popularity, with a 720% increase on menus over the past four years.

This May, the company launched its first Smash Burger into foodservice, and this retail expansion allows consumers to enjoy the product at home.

Beyond Stack Burger_bite
© Beyond Meat

Despite recent naysaying regarding the nutritional qualities of plant-based meat, when compared to an animal-based equivalent this product contains no added antibiotics or hormones, no GMOs, and 35% less saturated fat with 0 mg of cholesterol per serving.

Further health trials

In a clinical study conducted at Stanford University as published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers evaluated the impact of replacing animal-based meat with Beyond Meat’s plant-based meat in terms of cholesterol levels (including LDL), heart disease risk factors including TMAO levels, and body weight, and found improvement in key health metrics when participants replaced animal-based meat with Beyond Meat’s plant-based meat.

Beyond Stack Burger_spread
© Beyond Meat

Furthermore, in 2021, Beyond Meat established the Plant-Based Diet Initiative at the Stanford University School of Medicine and last year, entered into a multi-year agreement with the American Cancer Society to expedite research around plant-based meat and cancer prevention.

“The new Beyond Stack Burger reflects our commitment to relentlessly innovate until our products are indistinguishable from animal meat in taste, texture and flavor while being more nutritious and sustainable,” said Dr. Dariush Ajami, Chief Innovation Officer at Beyond Meat. “We are thrilled to expand our retail product portfolio with this latest offering which builds upon the recent launches of the newest iteration of Beyond Sausage and our groundbreaking, heart-healthy Beyond Steak.”

The Beyond Stack Burger soft launches this week at select Kroger, Ralphs, King Soopers, Fry’s, and Smith’s stores in the USA.

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