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New Moving Mountains Sausage Receives Top Ten Innovation Award

The new Moving Mountain sausage is now available through Jan Zandbergen BV to food service and retail in Europe. During a demonstration at Anuga, the product was hugely popular with visitors who said that it was highly “appreciated”, and the product was awarded an Anuga Top 10 Taste Innovation certificate.

Moving Mountains banger

Moving Mountains develops products that come as close as possible to animal meat in terms of appearance, taste, smell and bite. The fully plant-based sausage contains all-natural ingredients including oyster mushroom and beetroot. The structure of the Moving Mountains Sausage feels like a traditional Bratwurst and the vegetable skin reflects the perfect “snap” (break of the skin) when broken or bitten into. The vegan sausages have a high protein level (14 grams of plant-based proteins per 100 gram of sausage), contain added vitamin B12 and are cholesterol-free. The Sausage is available in one size; 57g/2oz.

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