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New Protein Superfood Emerging From Finland

Gold&Green’s Pulled Oats® was created with the vision to develop a new superfood – a plant-based complete protein source. In 2015, Finnish designer and entrepreneur, Maija Itkonen, collaborated with food scientist Reetta Kivela, putting the idea of combining oats and legumes to create a new superfood into action. After months of research and development they had a product ready for test sales.

Pulled Oats® is made of oats, faba beans and peas and is free from any additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients, as well as soy free and gluten free. The completely vegan Pulled Oats® contains 30% protein, which is higher than the protein content of chicken, beef or pork, and it can be cooked like minced meat. In addition to the original Pulled Oats® Nude, there is now a large variety of products available, including new flavours and formats such as balls, patties and takeaway products.

Gold&Greens’ products have been so popular since launch, that units were selling out from stores within minutes, and Facebook groups were created to locate them. Pulled Oats® is currently available in Finland and Sweden, but the license has already been sold to ten further countries and is under negotiation with the United States.

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