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New Socially Responsible and Environmentally Friendly Snack from Russia Enters the US Market

With its new Crunch Instinct product line, the Russian company Liberty Trade Inc. is now offering vegetable-based snacks with a low environmental footprint on the US market.The company is committed to healthy soils, minimizing water consumption, and reducing pollution on its farms. Crunch Instinct is particularly committed to meeting the snack needs of modern society without further driving climate change.

The vegetable chips are made from organic vegetables grown in private fields in the South Caucasus. According to the Global Footprint Network, this region has one of the lowest ecological deficits in the world. The gluten-free chips contain no artificial flavours, preservatives, or flavour enhancers. Unlike many other chips, they also do not contain palm oil. They are now available from US retailers in the varieties carrot, beetroot, turnip, and pumpkin.

Crunch Instinct joins a whole range of new health food products which Liberty Trade is planning to launch onto the US market. Nutritional supplements, vegan mayonnaise, sunflower oil, and organic tea are still in development.

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