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Next Meats North America Launches Plant-Based Steak and Ribs in California

Next Meats North America announces the launch of its popular plant-based short ribs and skirt steak in California this week. 

Created in Japan, Next Meats has already successfully debuted in the US and Canada via e-commerce, as well as in select East Coast retailers in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

The West Coast launch will see the brand’s products sold at select locations of Tokyo Central Japanese markets in Southern California. Next Meat’s items can also be found on restaurant menus at LA’s Tex-Mex Bar Ama and Ramen Shack in San Juan Capistrano. 

Next Meats Plant-Based Short Ribs
©Next Meats North America

Cutting-edge beef products 

Founded by entrepreneurs Ryo Shirai and Hideyuki Sasaki in 2017, Next Meats specializes in Japanese-style grilled meats made from non-GMO soy. Instead of artificial additives, the company uses seasonings such as soy sauce, garlic, salt, sesame oil and bean paste to achieve a realistic beef flavor. Next Meat’s product comes fully sliced and can be immediately used for grilling, sauteing, and stir-frying.

The brand’s first-to-market short ribs and skirt steak have attracted especially strong interest from Japanese media and consumers, and the company released a new “2.0 version” of the popular ribs last year. Next Meat’s current product line includes ribs, skirt steak and a beef bowl, but the company is also actively developing plant-based pork, tuna and egg products, among other innovations. 

Next Meats Ribs
© Next Meats Co., Ltd.

“It’s an exciting time for Next Meats to enter the US and Canadian markets as a fast-growing number of consumers are adopting flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets for reasons ranging from proven health benefits to reducing the impact on our shared planet. Next Meats’ healthy, plant-based products are a delicious addition to any diet and we are incredibly excited to begin this journey in North America,” says Koki Terui, CEO of Next Meats USA based in St. Jose, CA.

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