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NOA Launches Reduced-Fat Hummus

The delicious NOA taste and rich, creamy enjoyment with fewer calories – this is now possible thanks to NOA Hummus Natur, which contains 30% less fat than ordinary hummus. The irresistible combination of chickpeas, sesame and finely tuned spices uses considerably less fat than traditional hummus – and has a rich taste too! This makes it the perfect addition to the NOA range, whether as a dip, on bread or as an ingredient in delicious, creative dishes. Like all products in the NOA family, the new product is GMO-free, gluten-free and does not contain preservatives or artificial flavours.

“Our spreads and especially our NOA Hummus Natur are very popular with consumers, and our products can now be found on over 70 percent of refrigerated supermarket shelves,” says Carina Wanner, Marketing Manager at NOA. “As a modern and creative brand, we keep an eye on current trends and take our customers’ wishes into account. Some health-conscious consumers wanted a lower fat content than that of traditional hummus. That’s why we started developing a lighter option which still offers rich, plant-based NOA enjoyment and complies with our principles, including a short list of ingredients.”

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