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NOA Introduces Soy-Free Plant-Based Patties

The young company NOA presented its new ‘Pfannenhit’ – a vegan patty which doesn’t contain soy – in February of this year.

Nationwide, the patty will be available from May in supermarkets, online and in vegan/vegetarian retailers. The company’s lentil and pepper flavoured soy-free patties will be the first ones available; according to NOA, they are delicious fried, grilled or cooked in the oven. This makes them ideal for vegan burgers, or as an alternative to meat in a variety of dishes. The patties – like all products in the NOA family – are not genetically engineered and do not contain gluten, preservatives or flavours.


NOA’s Marketing Manager, Carina Wanner, says, “After the successful launch of our NOA spreads and vegetable slices, which can now be found on the refrigerated shelves of more than 70% of supermarkets, it was time for us to offer products in other product groups. These plant-based patties perfectly serve the needs of our customers, because the demand for well-balanced, easily prepared meals continues to grow. The clear consumer advantage of these patties over competing products is that they are the first on the market to be free of soy and tofu. Instead, we rely on legumes, vegetables, and a short, natural list of ingredients.”




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