• Norti Performance Bar Tastes Like Chocolate and Promotes Gut Health

    Australian based company, Norti Nutritio debuts their flagship product, The Norti Performance Bar, to US distributors this week. This unique product has a high protein count, and contains pre and probiotics to help create and maintain healthy gut bacteria. Gut health products were one of the biggest trends for 2019 predicted by Whole Foods Market and is estimated at $48.38 billion.

    Norti claims that its Performance Bar is “coming to change the face of the health food industry, and bring protein and probiotics to people who love chocolate.”

    The Performance Bar contains the immune boosting amino acid, L glutamine, as well as  three major digestive enzymes, to help break down food to its most nutritious content. Proteases, which breaks down protein into amino acids, Lipases, an enzyme that breaks down fat into healthy fatty acids, and Amylases, an enzyme which breaks down carbs into simple sugars.

    While healthy-gut products have previously been limited to yogurt, and fermented beverages, Norti delivers the same nutrition in a chocolate bar. Norti says that the new product has the same look, texture and taste of a “normal” chocolate bar, but doesn’t feel like a typical healthy snack, “We want to make food that makes people feel like they’re indulging in something delicious!”

    Norti’s decision to utilize hemp as their protein source, also means that their products are naturally free from animal proteins, making the bars vegan-friendly. “We want our product to be available to everyone who loves chocolate!” says Greg Lane. Norti claims to be one the few chocolate bars on the market, in the health food or the candy aisle, that is not only vegan, but gluten free and keto-friendly.

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