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NotCo Launches New NotMilk Sugar-Free in Argentina

Unstoppable Chilean plant-based Unicorn NotCo has added another option to its range of plant-based drinks with NotMilk Sugar-Free. The product is created from a combination of plant ingredients including pea protein, pineapple, and cabbage.

In 2021 the company debuted a dairy-free range entailing three products: NotMilk® Original; Low Fat; and Chocolate flavoured NotMilk. Said to be a true alternative to milk, ideal for cooking and generating the perfect foam for coffee, each litre of NotMilk® requires 92% less water and releases 74% less CO₂ than animal milk production.

The company states that NotMilk Sugar-Free is unique in the market by offering true animal milk flavour, with the same texture, creaminess and foam, whilst being 100% plant-based and sugar-free. The news closely follows the launch of NotMilk into all locations of Starbucks Colombia.

notmilk without limits
© NotCo

As CEO and founder Matias Muchnick told us in a recent interview, the products have been received well in several markets such as Australia and Canada. In the case of Canada, “We are selling our entire NotMilk portfolio (whole, 2%, 1% and chocolate) in the four largest supermarket chains in the country, which has more than 2,000 shops. The traction of the product has been exponential. We have seen the same trend in Australia, where we now sell in all Woolworth shops, the country’s largest supermarket chain”.

The new sugar-free vegetable milk is now available in the main supermarket chains in Argentina such as Carrefour, Jumbo, Disco, Walmart and Coto, as well as in health food stores and online shops.

“We want to make sure our products are accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we care about being in both big supermarket chains and in your local neighborhood store. So any time our consumers think about eating something tasty that’s plant-based, they can go to the store closest to them and get it,” commented the young CEO.

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