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NotCo Introduces Shelf Stable NotMilk Barista with “Cold and Hot Foam Like No Udder” for US Foodservice

After one year of R&D, NotCo US has launched NotMilk Barista, a shelf-stable oat-based milk that masters foam in hot and cold beverages. Specially designed for the food service industry, the NPD was created with NotCo‘s patented AI technology and the input of professional baristas. 

The company claims it provides comparable functionality to traditional dairy milk, creating “perfect” foam, even in high-acidity coffees and regardless of the steaming setting. According to NotCo, 60% of food service operators perceive plant-based as an enduring trend, and many restaurants will incorporate meatless and dairy-free alternatives to their menus. 

“We took action and hired baristas to come to our labs to help with improvement and design phases. After a year or so, NotMilk was performing great, delivering amazing macchiatos, lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, cortados, dalgonas etc.,” said Matias Muchnick, CEO and founder at NotCo.

NotMilk Barista
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Expanding shelf-stable line

In 2020, NotCo debuted in the US, introducing NotMilk SKUs for the chilled section and stocking the product at Whole Foods and Costco. However, in January, the company discontinued its refrigerated milk line. Instead, the company is focusing on the rapidly expanding shelf-stable category with existent and new products, reports AFN

For example, the company has announced that it will launch NotMilk Unsweetened Vanilla and NotMilk HiPro, a ready-to-drink protein shake with 15g of plant protein already available in Chile, during the year.

In the US, plant-based milk accounts for almost 50% of the space allocated to plant-based products, making up 42% of all milk sales in the natural channel in 2022, according to figures from the Plant-Based Foods Association. Moreover, over the past three years, plant-based foods have experienced rapid expansion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13%, surpassing the 9% growth of total food.

“Introducing NEW NotMilk Barista! You can now enjoy a classic coffee house latte with all the frills, but plant-based! NotMilk Barista cold and hot foams like no udder,” says NotCo US on social media.

Here you can read our Q&A with CEO and founder Mathias Muchnik from last year.

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