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Notorious Nooch Co Launches Super-Hero Themed, Vitamin-Packed Super Nooch

The Notorious Nooch Co launches Super Nooch. With over 100% NRV of B12, the product reportedly contains more B vitamins than any other nutritional yeast on the market, and is super-hero themed in accordance with the release of the new Batman film today.

Nutritional yeast has become a staple ingredient for vegans over recent years, coveted for its umami qualities and naturally occurring cheese flavour. The yeast is a deactivated ingredient and overall nooch is a convenient and delicious way for both vegans and non-vegans to obtain B12.

Notorious Nooch Co.
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Says Wholefood Warrior aka Eva Humphries, leading BANT Registered Nutritionist, DipION, mBANT, and CNHC: “Nutritional yeast may serve as a good source of Vitamin B12 for those on a plant-based diet. B12 is vital for energy production so it’s definitely a nutrient that we want to keep topped up.” 

Notorious Nooch Co debuted last year with the UK’s first-ever naturally flavoured nooch in Smokey Bacon and Cheesy Immature flavours, on a mission to make it easier, tastier and more fun to rethink meat and dairy. The existing flavours, as well as the new Super Nooch, are available to buy now from the Notorious Nooch Co. website, Wholefoods Market, Selfridges, Zebra, GreenBay, VeganKind, and, with more stockists to be announced. 

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