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Oatly Unlocks Oats’ Potential (Again), Launches Philadelphia Style Cream Cheese Across the US

Oatly (Nasdaq: OTLY) announces the US launch of its latest NPD, an oat-based version of the famous Philadelphia cream cheese. Available in two flavors — Plain and Chive & Onion — the products will start to roll out at retailers nationwide today through Q3, 2023.

“…. a plant-based option that mimics dairy cream cheese in all the best ways possible, minus the dairy”

The company’s Philadelphia-based food scientists spent a year developing the new product using Oatly’s proprietary oat base to deliver great taste and function without dairy. Last February, Oatly pre-launched a limited release of its new cream exclusively in “Philly” before introducing it to the US market.

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“For decades, we’ve focused on the power of oats and the magic that happens when you unlock their potential,” said Leah Hoxie, SVP Innovation at Oatly North America. 

“With this new cream cheese, our US R&D team spent over a year focused on bringing to market a truly great-tasting and performing plant-based option that mimics dairy cream cheese in all the best ways possible, minus the dairy,” she added.

Bringing more plant-based options

This new plant-based product will allow people to switch from dairy to plant-based foods easily, argues the company. Described as rich and creamy, it can be used as a spread, to enhance recipes, or as a condiment. Furthermore, it is more environmentally friendly than conventional dairy products. 

Oatley's Cream Cheese Chive & Onion flavour

On its mission to spread the plant-based revolution, Oatly recently made a multi-year partnership with Minor League Baseball (MiLB) across the US and Canada, becoming the first national, plant-based sponsor of a sports league in the US.

“We’re extremely excited about the launch of our new cream cheese in the US, as it not only expands our mission to bring more plant-based consumption occasions to consumers, but also continues to prove the versatility and opportunity for oat-based products,” said Mike Messersmith, President, Oatly North America. 

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