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OLIVIERI 1882’s Traditional Panettone Recipe Goes Vegan for Christmas

Italian panettone specialist OLIVIERI 1882 is launching an all-natural, vegan panettone for authentic Italian holiday celebrations. The new Vegan Christmas Cake is 100% prepared by hand, according to Olivieri.

Surveys reveal that one in four consumers worldwide identifies as a flexitarian, and half of the consumers globally are interested in plant-based foods or beverages. With these trends in place, vegan sales expectations are high for this Christmas.  

“Doted on by Italians for centuries, panettone reigns as the bel paese’s holiday treat of choice. The tall, dome-shaped sweet bread traditionally calls for butter and eggs, but Olivieri 1882’s take on the classic means vegans can have their cake and eat it, too!” says the company.

a piece of panettone with raisins and dried fruits

Swapping animal ingredients

OLIVIERI 1882 has been baking panettone for six generations, and this Christmas season marks the first time “animal ingredients swap places with plant-based alternatives”.

The company’s panettone reinterpretation is made with first-quality raw materials and long fermentation techniques. The animal-free recipe replaces butter with sunflower oil, water, and fair-trade shea butter and uses a water and sunflower lecithin emulsion to replace egg yolks. It includes sultana raisins and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla to maintain the original panettone aromas and flavours.

“The Vegan Christmas Cake is our personal take on the Christmas cake, prepared without the use of animal ingredients. It has a double leavening time of more than 48 hours, is made only with live sourdough and is filled with Australian 5-crown Sultanina sultanas and the black dots of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla inside. The texture is extremely soft, the taste elegant but firm,” says the company.

OLIVIERI 1882 Vegan Christmas Cake retails at the company’s website and can be delivered to customers in Europe and the USA. The product is available for reservations only, with Christmas delivery starting on December 12th.

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