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Omnipork: The Vegan Pork Alternative from Hong Kong

The Hong Kong-based company Right Treat has recently introduced its new vegan pork alternative, Omnipork. According to Right Treat, the plant-based alternative to pork consists mainly of pea protein, non-genetically modified soy, shiitake mushrooms and rice, and has similar preparation and consumption qualities to ordinary pork.

Right Treat state that Omnipork will supply the body with sufficient levels of amino acids thanks to its vegan protein content. It is also free of cholesterol, antibiotics and hormones, and contains significantly fewer calories and saturated fats than ordinary pork. In addition, its calcium and iron levels are said to be higher than those of meat products.

Pork is the most consumed meat in the world with a share of almost 40 percent. Asia, especially China, stands out due to the continued rise in consumption there. David Yeung, founder of Right Treat, therefore wanted to develop a product with the taste and consistency of pork, with the same culinary applications, but without the same environmental, ethical and health impacts.

Yeung founded Right Treat with the mission of revolutionizing food, to: “Treat the planet, the animals and ourselves (humans) properly.” He is also the founder of the Social Enterprise Group Green Monday, which works to promote an environmentally conscious, sustainable and healthy life. Previously, Green Monday and Green Common have helped to introduce plant-based innovations such as the Beyond Burger and Just Scramble in Hong Kong.

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