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Otsuka Foods Launches Zero Meat in Japan

Japanese producer Otsuka Foods has entered the plant-based meat substitute market with a line of burgers, with promises of more to come. The range, named Zero Meat, aims to tap into the growing number of consumers in Japan turning to vegan and vegetarian diets.

To be sold in supermarkets and convenience stores, the two products currently available are both burger patties made from soybeans, with one filled with a vegan cheese made from soybean cream. The company boasts of the burger’s “meaty texture, taste and smell”, and plans to develop more products within the same range.

Under the Zero Meat brand, Otsuka Foods plans to continue proposing delicious and healthy eating habits by developing a variety of meat substitute foods, starting with these two hamburger products” said the firm.

Otsuka Foods is one of the first Japanese companies to enter the plant-based meat substitute market in a country where vegan and vegetarian diets are less common.

UPDATE: Further to recent communication, vegconomist would like to point out that these products may not be suitable for vegans. A correspondant from Japan states, “We had confirmation from Otsuka Foods that they use anchovy-free worchestershire sauce and no fish in their Zero Meat product, but it definitely does use eggs.”

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