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Peeroton Presents Vegan Muesli Made by Athletes for Athletes

For the first time, the leading Austrian sports nutrition manufacturer Peeroton is offering a vegan muesli. The product has been developed by nutrition experts along with athletes and is specially tailored to athletes’ needs.

Balanced formula for support in sport and everyday life

In collaboration with nutrition experts and athletes, the leading Austrian sports nutrition manufacturer Peeroton has developed a unique formula. With high-quality soy flakes, amaranth, and the patented PANMOL vitamin complex, the muesli is designed to help athletes prepare for great challenges in sport and everyday life. It is made up of a balanced combination of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamins C, B6, and B12 contribute to proper energy metabolism and the functioning of the immune system.

High protein content supported by isomaltulose

Another special feature of the new product, which is known as Peeroton Sportmüsli Professional, is its relatively high protein content of 23 percent. Most of the carbohydrates come from isomaltutose, which greatly reduces the amount of processed sugar in the muesli.

Isomaltulose has a low glycemic index, and as a result, glucose is released over a longer period of time without causing an unwanted surge of insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels rise less sharply than when consuming foods with a high sugar content, supporting a long-lasting supply of energy in sports and everyday life. Isomaltutose is also said to be beneficial for the teeth.

Equally popular among hobby and competitive athletes

Peeroton was founded in 1994 by nutrition expert Wolfgang Peer, and is now Austria’s number one sports nutrition brand for both hobby and professional athletes. Since 2002, Peeroton has been the official outfitter of the Austrian Ski Association and the Austrian Olympic Team. It has also partnered with many other top athletes, both national and international.

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