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Perfect Day Launches Asia’s First Animal-Free Dairy Ice Cream in Hong Kong

Perfect Day has launched a range of vegan ice creams in Hong Kong in collaboration with Igloo Dessert Bar. The range, called Ice Age!, uses Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein.

The whey protein is developed through fermentation, and is identical to bovine whey protein at the molecular level.

According to Horizons Ventures, which invests in Perfect Day, this is the first time animal-free dairy ice creams have been available in Asia.

A co-founder of Igloo Dessert Bar initially approached Perfect Day because she was interested in developing more eco-friendly ice creams. It took about two months to formulate the range.

Perfect Day ice cream
©Perfect Day Foods

Perfect Day has already partnered with several US brands such as Graeter’s to produce vegan ice creams. The company experienced phenomenal success in 2020, being named as the industry leader and the most funded company in fermented foods. Most recently, it raised $300M in its Series C funding round and opened a new production facility.

“Thanks to our world-class team and investors, we’re not planning to take our foot off the pedal anytime soon,” said Ryan Pandya, co-founder and CEO of Perfect Day. “The coronavirus pandemic has shown just how fragile our food system is. We’re committed to building real change that prioritizes diversity, agility, and resilience.”

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