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Petits Filous Rolls out Kid-Friendly Vegan Yogurt after Increased Demand from Parents

The leading child-friendly yogurt brand in the UK, Petits Filous, has launched a new range of vegan yogurts. The dairy-free alternative yogurts are now available at Tesco supermarkets and were launched amid rising demand from parents for plant-based options.

Petits Filous, which operates under Yoplait – the world’s largest franchise brand of yogurt – is expanding into the plant-based dairy market for the first time in a bid to provide dairy-free options for children. The new vegan yogurts will be made from almond milk and come in the brand’s top-selling raspberry flavor, certified with the vegan trademark. Yoplait has also launched a premium French yogurt called “Oui by Yoplait” previously, also in response to growing demand for non-dairy options.


The dairy-free, plant-based yogurt sector is experiencing huge growth, with Yoplait and other major players in dairy products, such as Danone, Müller, and Meadow Foods all moving into the sector. Yoplait is owned by multinational food manufacturer General Mills which owns other dairy-based brands such as Häagen-Dazs. The ice cream brand also now offers a range of vegan luxury ice creams following increased demand.

“In recent years we’ve seen an increase in families seeking dairy free alternatives, either due to intolerances or simply as a lifestyle choice. With limited healthy snacking options available in this space, we wanted to ensure that children who don’t eat dairy can still enjoy the benefits of our yogurts. Dairy Free is packed with calcium and vitamin D and offers the same great taste you would expect from Petits Filous,” stated Joanna Goodman, Head of Marketing of Yogurt, Northern Europe at General Mills, according to TrendHunter.

Petits Filous Dairy-Free yogurts are now available in the UK at Tesco for £2.35 (RRP).

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