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Plant-Based Demand Increasing in Belgium as Lidl Adds 11 Vegan Products

Though not traditionally known as hugely forward-thinking country, Lidl has released 11 new plant-based products to its own label vegetarian and vegan range in Belgium. Additionally, the international retailer has added a number of vegan sandwich spreads as it looks to keep up with hot competition in the supermarket own-brand vegan segment. 

“A growing group of vegetarians, vegans and especially flexitarians has contributed to decreasing meat consumption in Belgium in recent years. The greatest motivation to consume less meat is the positive impact on the environment. For the over-55s, health is the biggest reason. One in four Belgians under the age of 34 eats vegetarian food at least three times a week,” says the discount supermarket chain, which is already renowned in other European countries for its wide range of vegan offerings.

Lidl Belgium spaghetti

The focus seems to have been on quality rather than quantity, with the Next Level range ruling the market in terms of own-brand alternative meat products, and more than able to compete with the likes of Beyond and Impossible, at a far lower price point. 

Lidl spokesperson Isabelle Colbrandt commented, “Not only is the demand for veggie products increasing, the demand for vegan is also increasing. We want to offer a greater variety in this segment, especially because the customer indicates that they choose a meat substitute every week.”

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