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PlantMade Launches “India’s First” Vegan Lamb Seekh Kebab

Indian startup PlantMade has launched vegan lamb kebabs that it claims are the first in the country. The product’s rollout has begun in New Delhi and will be extended to other Indian cities such as Mumbai and Bengaluru throughout July.

The kebabs are based on a traditional recipe, which PlantMade says gives them the same amount of fat, flavour, and juiciness as a conventional lamb kebab. They will be available frozen in a 240g package, priced at ₹399 ($5.35).

PlantMade is best known for launching a vegan egg which it says is the first in India, along with plant-based butters and drinks. The company says it is also working on alt-meat products such as nuggets, burgers, and chicken.

plantmade vegan egg
Vegan egg. © PlantMade

Demand for plant-based options is surging in India, with many companies reacting by launching new products. A 2019 study found that 63% of Indians would be willing to replace meat with plant-based alternatives, and organisations such as GFI India are working on advancing the Indian alt-protein market.

“We have been working on the plant-based seekh kebab for a long time as we always wanted to be in this space,” PlantMade co-founder Prakarshi Pulkit told The Vegan Indians. “While other companies were going for minced meat or global formats, we wanted to do a universal format but with a very specific Indian taste.”

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