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PLNT Releases “First Ever” Ready-Made Vegan Beef Wellington in the Netherlands 

PLNT, the Dutch plant-based producer, has developed what it claims is the first ready-to-eat vegan Beef Wellington in the Netherlands. The plant-based Beef Wellington is now available at Dutch online supermarket Crisp with a wider retail rollout planned for later this year.

PLNT is part of the Future Food Group, offering products such as plant-based chicken and beef burgers, sausages, kebabs, and strips, available in both bulk and unit packs. The company recently announced an expansion of its product development to focus on a greater variety of products, including a plant-based fish burger and a cheese alternative.

Future Food Group PLNT
© Future Food Group

Plant-Based in the Netherlands 

The brand highlights that the meat substitutes market is developing strongly and grew by 8% in 2021 in the Netherlands. According to the company’s research, 54% of the Dutch were already either flexitarian, vegetarian, or vegan last year. PLNT aims to lead the way in offering special innovations to this market and regularly developing products for partners wanting to respond to the increasing demand for unique plant-based dishes.

“In 2022, this beautiful dish should not only be available to meat eaters. We thought that it should be possible to develop a vegan variety of this: just as tasty and juicy as the original, but more sustainable and healthier,” stated Marleen Kolijn, Sr. Brand Manager at PLNT.


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