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PluriAgtech Introduces Cell-Based Coffee to Provide an Alternative to Traditional Production

Israeli biotechnology firm Pluri, formerly Pluristem, (Nasdaq, TASE: PLUR) has launched PluriAgtech, a subsidiary leveraging plant cell culture to grow sustainable coffee and break away from traditional farming methods. 

As global warming continues to impact the coffee industry, shrinking viable land for cultivation and increasing demand leads to higher prices and less production. 

According to the company, by 2050, land for coffee production will be reduced by half, and 30% must shift to higher altitudes since Arabica plants are temperature-sensitive. Moreover, the rising demand for coffee significantly impacts the environment, resulting in deforestation and increased water and pesticide use. 

PluriAgtech claims it can produce high-quality “real” coffee at scale while reducing water usage by 98% and growing areas by 95%, thus preventing deforestation and making it a viable solution to the coffee crisis.

A graphic showing how Pluri takes a sample from coffee plants to grow cells in bioreactors.
© Pluri

Cell-based coffee

With two decades of expertise in cell expansion technology for human, animal, and plant cells, Pluri has developed what it claims to be a state-of-the-art cell platform that integrates efficiency and scalability to create cell-based coffee. 

Pluri develops cell lines from plant samples to grow coffee in bioreactors in a controlled environment that allows the cells to replicate and stay healthy. When the cells have grown to the desired biomass, they are harvested, dried, and roasted.

Furthermore, this technology enables the customization of cell-cultured coffee with varying levels of caffeine and other compounds. It also eliminates the need for thousands of plants and allows for quicker coffee production than traditional farming methods, depending on weather conditions.

“This system generates cell products on a massive scale with batch-to-batch consistency, accelerating the path to commercial viability,” says the company.

Cell-based coffee
© Pluri

A paradigm shift

Besides coffee, PluriAgtech is also exploring other applications for its plant cell culture technology, including developing bioactive carriers and biostimulants for agriculture. The company plans to partner with various industries to launch its cell-based products.

Pluri has launched other verticals, including Plurihealth for regenerative medicine, Plurifood, which cultivates meat through the startup Ever After Foods (backed by food conglomerate The Tnuva Group), and PluriCDMO, offering services for biomanufacturing.

While introducing new technology into the traditional coffee industry may pose challenges, Pluri believes its innovation can revolutionize coffee production.

“This coffee marks a paradigm shift, showcasing our ability to break free from unsustainable practices. It signifies a future where enjoyment and ecological responsibility coexist. Pluri Coffee introduces a new era, where every sip represents a commitment to sustainability,” says Pluri on its website.

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