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Prime Roots Partners with Fabrique Délices to Offer Koji-Based Pâtés and Foie Gras

Producer of koji-based alternative meats, Prime Roots partners with Fabrique Délices, an artisanal French charcuterie maker, to create and distribute a line of fungi-based koji-pâtés and koji-foie gras for foodservice.

One notable highlight of this partnership is the introduction of the only legally approved plant-based foie gras that can be served in California’s restaurants, addressing ethical and environmental concerns surrounding traditional foie gras production. Prime Roots joins the ranks of other global animal-free innovators disrupting the foie gras industry, including Dr.Foods in Japan and Foodys in Spain.

“Koji is the not-so-secret ingredient that we use”

Prime Roots distinguishes itself as the first company to introduce a range of freshly sliced deli meat and charcuterie, pâtés, and foie gras crafted from koji. CEO and co-founder of Prime Roots, Kimberlie Le, explained the significance of koji in a recent interview on The Plantbased Business Hour, stating: “Koji is the not-so-secret ingredient that we use. It’s the first ingredient in all of our products. You can think about it like the roots of mushrooms. They are microscopic, but they grow together so you can actually see them and, of course, you can taste them in our products.”

Prime Roots Koji Ham Deli Meats
©Prime Roots

The Prime Roots and Fabrique Délices range comes in various flavors, including plant-based Black Truffle and Harvest Apple Koji-Pâtés, alongside the smooth Koji-Foie Gras. Prime Roots’ Koji-Foie Gras garnered recognition at the Natural Products Expo East, receiving an editors’ choice ‘Nexty’ award for its ingenuity. These new creations, developed in collaboration with Michelin Star chefs, offer a cruelty-free alternative to conventional pâtés and foie gras that the company says are virtually indistinguishable in taste and texture.

Plant-based versions of traditional delicacies

Le expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Prime Roots uses a culinary forward approach in everything we make, and partnering with the premier maker of French-style pâtés, Fabrique Délices, made sense to provide the most rich, smooth, and delicious offerings.”

Sébastien Espinasse, president and founder of Fabrique Délices, echoed the sentiment, saying, “We’re excited to introduce traditional French delicacies like pâté and foie gras to plant-based consumers. Partnering with the pioneer of koji-based products, Prime Roots, allows us to take an innovative and sustainable approach to developing plant-based products.”

Prime roots deli sandwich quorn
©Prime Roots

Prime Roots also recently collaborated with UK-based Quorn to develop market expansion opportunities for mycelium-based alternative meats in the United States, as both utilize mycelium-based technologies and are members of the Fungi Protein Association. The company also secured $30 million in Series B funding in May, taking the total amount it has raised to $50 million after becoming the first mycelium-based food company to receive B-Corp certification in February.

The products are available in 23-ounce tubs, suitable for foodservice applications, and are available for purchase nationwide through distributors. Additionally, Prime Roots’ plant-based deli cuts can be purchased at retailers in the New York Metro area, San Francisco Bay Area, and Portland.

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