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Pulmuone and Nasoya to Debut New Asian-Inspired Plant-Based Products at Expo West

Pulmuone, a leading global tofu manufacturer and the parent company of US plant-based brands Nasoya and Wildwood has announced that it will unveil a range of new plant-based products at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West, which takes place from March 14-16 in Anaheim, California.

“We’re proud to help shape a greener future”

Among the company’s highlighted innovations are Nasoya’s latest Asian-inspired plant-based cuisine options, including an updated format for its vegan dumplings with dipping sauces, a novel lineup of vegan dressings, an exclusive preview of a new plant-based chicken product, and a limited-edition packaging design for its tofu range in honor of April’s Earth Month.

Director of Marketing Communications and Consumer Insights at Pulmuone, Ellen Kim, noted, “Americans are expecting more of their plant-based products and are eager for them to feature globally-inspired flavors and ingredients. As a company rooted in Korean heritage with a focus on high-quality plant-based proteins, Nasoya is well-suited to bring authentic and delicious plant-based and Asian-inspired offerings to consumers nationwide.”

Pulmuone product lineup
© Pulmuone

Revamped recipes and new offerings

Nasoya’s vegan dumplings, including Thai Basil Vegetable, Tofu Vegetable, and Korean BBQ Vegetable varieties, are set to relaunch with new packaging that includes sweet and savory dipping sauces. The improved dumplings feature a heartier dough and are designed for quicker preparation. This reformulated product will be available at Walmart initially, with a broader rollout to local retailers nationwide starting in May.

Additionally, Nasoya is introducing a new series of vegan dressings in Garlic Sesame and Zesty Gochujang flavors inspired by K-Town culinary traditions. These dressings are vegan, gluten-free, and free from added preservatives.

A significant highlight of Pulmuone’s presentation at Expo West will be the sampling of its new plant-based chicken, which is scheduled for release in late April. This product is designed to mimic the texture of real meat and is seasoned with authentic Asian flavors.

© Nasoya

Shaping a greener future

Nasoya will also showcase a limited-edition tofu packaging update in celebration of Earth Month. This packaging features the environmental benefits of choosing plant-based proteins and will include a QR code linking to further information on tofu and its positive environmental impacts.

Beyond these individual product innovations, Pulmuone will present its latest plant-based and Asian-inspired culinary offerings, including a new pre-seasoned and pre-fried braised tofu and a plant-based soymilk noodle concept, both set for later release.

Suk Won Kim, VP of Marketing at Pulmuone, stated, “Pulmuone is thrilled to introduce a wide variety of new noodle and tofu offerings. We’re proud to help shape a greener future with new plant-based options that don’t sacrifice taste, convenience, or flavor. Pulmuone’s latest innovations align with our commitment to deliver high-quality products and authentic flavors, and we’re excited to showcase them at this year’s Natural Products Expo West.”

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