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REBL Eats Launches Plant-Based Pasta Carbonara Powered by La Vie in Finland’s Kesko Stores

In a first-ever collaboration, REBL Eats, a Finnish producer of vegan ready-meals, and La Vie, a French expert in alternative pork, have joined forces to create an old classic with a modern twist: plant-based pasta carbonara.

REBL Eats’ new plant-based pasta carbonara features La Vie‘s famous veggie lardons to deliver the authentic flavors of the Italian recipe. La Vie leverages food tech to produce the carnivore-fooling plant-based bacon that has conquered France and many European countries, including the UK

La Vie reports that the “lip-smacking dish” has been a success, with over 1000 Finnish foodies enjoying the vegan meal each week since it launched in 200 Kesko- K-Group stores across Finland.

REBL Eats's new plant-based pasta carbonara
© REBL Eats

High-quality ready meals

REBL Eats offers a range of ready meals, sandwiches, and oats puddings in over 160 Finnish supermarkets. The company claims its meals are restaurant-quality, made with fresh and nourishing ingredients. Its latest creation, a sandwich featuring Mycorena’s mycoprotein, debuted exclusively in 15 selected shops in Helsinki.

The company, which has been enjoying success in Finland, has announced plans to expand to other European markets with its convenient offerings. 

In recent years, the popularity of the ready-to-eat plant-based meals category has significantly increased, driven by consumers looking for convenient, tasty, and healthy options that align with their values and concerns. According to, the global ready meals market is projected to reach a value of $244.6 Billion by 2032, up from $149.2 Billion in 2022. Ready meals come in various formats, such as frozen, chilled, and shelf-stable, presented as multi-portion dishes or single servings like REBL Eats ready meals.

“We are proud to choose the “crème de la crème” of innovative proteins to partner with, so LA VIE™ was a match made in heaven,” REBL Eats said on social media.

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