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Roquette Make Advances in Pea Protein

Roquette, a family-owned group who pioneer vegetal proteins, have upgraded their NUTRALYS T70S®, a patented textured pea protein suitable for vegans. The specialists have 40 years of experience in vegetal proteins, $340 million of investments, and two production sites in Canada and France. These sites are now set to deliver an increased load of NUTRALYS; up to a combined capacity of 250,000 tons per year by 2019.

Roquette are global leaders in the production of protein from plant-based materials and utilise potatoes, wheat and corn in addition to pea protein. They operate in over 100 countries, have a turnover of 3.3 billion euros and employ over 8,000 staff internationally.

European Market Manager Marc Renaud reported that this increased activity at has been bolstered by the rise of flexitarians – people who interchange between an omnivorous and a plant-based diet. He said that Roquette is making it a priority to create a product that will be appetizing to this group of people: “Taste and texture are the attributes with which to convince flexitarians that they can find appetizing solutions.”

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