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Scotland’s KCal Kitchen Launches “UK’s First Vegan Sashimi”

A healthy eating restaurant franchise with locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow is serving a vegan sashimi, which looks extremely similar to the real thing. KCal kitchen says that their offering is the first ever vegan sashimi in the UK.

The restaurant’s menu offers a wide range of vegan options such as a vegan “Big Mac” and a “No-Tuna” caesar salad. KCal Kitchen announced in time for Veganuary that it would be launching its vegan sashimi from 8th January.”YES you heard it right! Vegan Sashimi that looks like the REAL deal!”

“Launching 8.1.20! You will be able to order Zalmon & No-Tuna Sashimi in our Glasgow & Edinburgh restaurants!”

The dish is served with wasabi, soy sauce, fresh avocado, and cucumber. Other vegan sashimi products by Vegan Zeastar  and Ocean Hugger Foods are already available in Europe and expected to launch in the UK, while Wagamama recently launched a vegan tuna made from watermelon.
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