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Seasogood Launches the First Plant-Based Canned Tuna in The Netherlands

Public awareness of the sustainability issues around our oceans and the fishing industry has increased immeasurably since the Seaspiracy documentary, which has given rise to several new innovations and launches in plant-based seafood. One example is Dutch company Seasogood, which has recently launched fish-free canned tuna at Albert Heijn stores in The Netherlands.

Sold under the brand name Happy Tune, this is the first plant-based canned tuna in the country. The product is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and is available in three flavours — Original, Olive Oil, and Lemon & Black Pepper.

According to the company, the Original flavour is ideal in a salade niçoise, the Olive Oil works well on a pizza tonno, and the Lemon & Black Pepper can be used on a bruschetta.

Seasogood happy tune tuna
© Seasogood

The growth of vegan seafood

The market for plant-based seafood is expected to skyrocket over the next decade, increasing by 13 times to be worth $1.3 billion. Last year, vegan seafood was declared the “next big vegan meat trend“, and German company Hydrosol said it was “just a step away from going mainstream”. Alt-seafood companies worldwide are launching new products and making exciting new developments.

Like many makers of vegan seafood, Seasogood’s founders Pieter Muntendam and Dennis Favier aim to address the sustainability issues caused by overfishing and bycatch.

“The seas have protected us from the biggest impact of global warming,” note the founders. “Now is the time for us to protect the seas.”

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