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Silk Introduces Extra Creamy Almond Milk Made with Three Types of Almonds

Top-selling dairy-free brand Silk announced the company’s latest plant-based milk alternative, Silk Extra Creamy Almondmilk. Blended with three different varieties of almonds, Silk says the product offers a much smoother texture and mouthfeel than regular almond milk. 

The latest almond milk creation 

According to the company, 73% of consumers curious about plant-based foods start with buying almond milk. The Extra Creamy product is a rich source of calcium and vitamin E, has zero cholesterol, and contains 50% more calcium than reduced-fat dairy milk.

The new milk alternative adds to the brand’s extensive portfolio, which includes non-dairy milk made from soy, almonds, cashews, coconut, and oats as well as yogurts and creamers. 

Silk Product Range
©Silk/ Danone North America

To celebrate the launch, the company is giving away a year’s worth of Silk products to 22 fans who “flash” a picture of their fridge containing at least one Silk dairy-free item, and share the photo on Instagram. 

Continuing innovation 

Silk has long been a leading brand in the dairy-free category, and continues to re-invent and advance the next generation of milk alternatives. In early 2021, the company released UltraMilk – a high protein plant-based milk for athletes. Last summer, Danone North America, Silk’s parent company, announced plans for Silk NextMilk – a product designed to replicate the taste of actual cow’s milk instead of plants.

Silk Next Milk

With innovations like Extra Creamy AlmondMilk and NextMilk, Silk hopes to inspire more people than ever to begin a dairy-free journey in 2022. 

“We’re thrilled to introduce Silk Extra Creamy Almondmilk to Silk’s almond portfolio, just in time for the new year,” said Derek Neeley, Vice President of Marketing for Silk. “Almond is a great way to start your plant-based journey, and our new Extra Creamy almondmilk, along with our almond-based coffee creamers and yogurt alternatives, offers options to incorporate plant-based products throughout the day. Our Silk Fridge Flash initiative makes it even more compelling for flexitarians to add plant-based alternatives to their shopping list.”

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