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Singapore’s OsomeFood Launches Vegan Hard Boiled Egg

Singapore-based food manufacturer OsomeFood has developed a whole vegan hard-boiled egg, created from the increasingly popular fungi mycoprotein, which is produced through fermentation and has many of the essential amino acids present in animal products. A scientific paper published last year called Mycoproteins as Safe Meat Substitutes put forward that mycroprotein is the safest and most sustainable substitute to animal proteins.

Plant-based eggs are becoming increasingly popular around the world and represent the category is the fastest growing in plant-based. Recent data by the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute revealed that in 2020, sales of plant-based eggs grew 168%, almost 10 times the rate of poultry eggs.

OsomeFood egg
© OsomeFood

OsomeFood currently offers OsomeFish – vegan fish balls, fishcakes, OsomeEgg, OsomeNoodle, and superfood wellness products. The company’s website is advertising a dine-in sampling experience for Singaporeans which can be booked through an online calendar.

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