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Snow Monkey Launches Vegan Paleo Ice Cream

The manufacturer “Snow Monkey” is bringing vegan ice cream to the market. The unique properties of the new release include the exclusive use of plant-based ingredients and the absence of any allergens such as gluten, soy, nuts and lactose. Moreover, the ice cream, with its 390-405 calories and 21 grams of protein per cup, is also a welcome alternative for dieters.

“Snow Monkey” uses seven plant-based ingredients in the production of the ice cream, all of which comply with the “Paleo” principle. This means that only unprocessed plant-based substances are used. The core of the concept is also the renunciation of animal products such as milk, honey, eggs and others, which, according to the manufacturer, makes the ice cream acceptable to all consumers.

With their new creation, Snow Monkey must now prove themselves in the vegan ice cream market segment against companies like “Space Ice Cream”. At present, however, there is still room for improvement, because according to current estimates, the total market volume for this market is expected to rise to 700 million dollars by 2025, according to a market report by the company “Market Research Hub”.



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