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So Delicious Launches Coconutmilk Yogurts With Botanical Extracts

A week after the news of its upcoming Wondermilk ice cream products, created to offer the same characteristics of dairy; Danone subsidiary So Delicious announces a new line of Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternatives with Botanical Extracts. 

So Delicious Yogurt Alternative with Botanical Extracts contain live and active cultures, organic coconut, 7-8g of sugar, and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The company states that each purchase helps to support coconut farmers in the Philippines through the Good People Loop.

So Delicious Botanicals stack
©So Delicious

The products initially launch in three flavors:

“Here at So Delicious, we’re focused on dairy-freeing minds with great taste—and our new yogurt alternatives with vibrant botanical extracts are making it easier than ever to indulge in mindful microbreaks throughout the day,” said Lia Stierwalt, Senior Director of Marketing, So Delicious Plant-Based Yogurt Alternatives.

So Delicious Yogurt Alternatives with Botanicals Extracts (MSRP: $1.99/single-serve cup) are now available at Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmer’s Market. 

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