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Solar Foods and Fazer Unveil World’s First Air-Based Protein Chocolate Bar in Singapore

Finnish food producer Fazer announces the launch in Singapore of the world’s first chocolate bar powered by Solein.

Solein, created by the Finish biotech Solar Foods, is a novel protein crafted through fermentation technology, utilizing microbes, carbon dioxide, and electricity without the need for agricultural resources, hence dubbed “air-based protein.”

“…. the very first time people can try Solein within a consumer snack bar”

With this introduction, Fazer becomes the first fast-moving consumer goods company ever to offer a product made with Solein, marking as well the air-based protein’s retail debut in a consumer product.

Solein received regulatory approval in Singapore in 2022, making it possible to introduce it to the public in various dishes, including a dairy-free chocolate gelato developed in collaboration with Fico, Solar Food’s restaurant partner.

Fazer's new chocolate bar powdered by Solein.
© Image courtesy of Fazer

Taste the future

Called “Taste the Future”, the vegan friendly chocolate bar is made with 70% dark chocolate, strawberries, hazelnuts, oat puffs, and 2% Solein. It is said to be packed with iron and fiber, offering a healthy and sustainable snack choice for on-the-go consumers. In addition, it does not contain palm oil.

Released in a limited edition, the snack will be available limited edition exclusively at The Cocoa Trees candy stores across Singapore.

“This is an exciting moment for us working with Fazer – the very first time people can try Solein within a consumer snack bar. This also demonstrates the potential of Solein® as a sustainable and nutritious fortifier. With this introduction in Singapore, we are getting valuable customer feedback on Solein’s viability in a new product category and also get a sense of the consumer acceptance of future ingredients,” shared Pasi Vainikka, CEO of Solar Foods.

solein protein powder that can be adde to foods
© Solar Foods

Nutritious and sustainable proteins

Vainikka also announced that Solar Foods is targeting a wider-scale European launch between 2025 and 2026 with a whole range of products.

Last November, Solar Foods raised €8 million in an oversubscribed funding round to accelerate the production at its first commercial-scale facility, Factory 01, and commercialize its sustainable and versatile protein. At the start of 2022, Solar Foods received a €10 million investment boost from the Pharmacy Pension Fund of Finland, to contribute to the construction of the plant.

With the facility set to be finished in the first half of 2024, introducing a consumer product featuring the novel protein will serve as a valuable opportunity to test the market before Solein reaches full-scale production, says Solar Foods. 

Fazer is the biggest shareholder of Solar Foods and has been actively working with the R&D team on product development. The Finnish biotech has also partnered with Japanese food giant company Ajinomoto to develop products made from Solein and introduce them globally.

“Singapore is the perfect test ground for our Taste the Future Chocolate Snack Bar, with a highly innovative food ecosystem and people who are not only passionate about food, but curious to try new things that are new, with nutrition and sustainability benefits,” said Heli Anttila, VP, New Product Development at Fazer Confectionery.

Customers can taste the new chocolate bar at a one-time public sampling opportunity this 20th of January at The Cocoa Trees store at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

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