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Som Sleep: The Drink for a Good Night’s Sleep?

The American entrepreneur John Shegerian developed the vegan sleep-promoting drink “Som Sleep” based on health considerations and his own “borderline experience”. The drink is intended to help consumers to get a more restful night’s sleep.

About a third of all adults do not get enough sleep. This can be a trigger for dementia, Alzheimer’s, obesity and even heart disease. Sleep deprivation is a problem that is largely social, caused by forcing people to stay productive and awake for as long as possible. But habit also plays an important role. Too much caffeine, combined with hours of staring at screens, throws off the natural rhythm of our bodies, which is necessary to help us recover and ultimately sleep.

This is absurd, considering that sleep helps to improve memory, enhancing our ability to make quick and accurate decisions. It even helps to prevent burn-outs at work. A study of college students showed that after 17 to 19 hours without sleep, they achieved similarly poor test results to alcoholised subjects. In addition, the response speed of the “sleepless” subjects was significantly slower.

With Som Sleep, John Shegerian has dedicated himself to this problem. Despite his healthy diet, he himself has suffered from sleep deprivation. After experiencing microsleep and passing out from exhaustion, he embarked on a new path. Som Sleep is essentially a kind of anti-energy drink that is natural, vegan, genetically unmodified and allergen-free.

In an interview with Nil Zacharias for “EatForThePlanet”, Shegerian discusses the widespread lack of sleep in our society, as well as statistics relating to microsleep events and the average American. He also describes the ingredients and composition of Som Sleep and how the drink can help you sleep more soundly.

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